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Welcome to the newest contest on ArmorGames!

This is the new and improved version of both the Periodic Poetry Contest and the Haiku Contest. From this point out, both contests will be combined into one massive contest for everyone to enjoy! And as such, each user is allowed to enter is both contests with separate entries if they so desire, effectively doubling the odds of winning.
Each contest (One being general poetry and the other exclusively haiku) will have one winner every month. Every month, two winners (one from each contest shall be chosen and receive a merit for all their hard work. Show it off to your friends, gloat about it to your enemies! Tell your parents about it and confuse them! It's a win-win-win-win-win scenario, folks.


General Poetry Contest:
- It must fit the theme if the month (same theme as the Haiku Contest).
- It must be submitted by the deadline.
- It cannot have inappropriate language in it.
- It cannot be stolen (if you plagiarize, we will find you).
- The poem must be created for this contest
- A user cannot win twice in a row (though everyone is welcome to submit every month!)
- Only one submission per user will be accepted

Once a month a winner will be chosen from all the received entries. To begin, the Moderation/Administration Team will act as judges and choose winners. Subject to change depending on how well things go.
The winner will then make a comment on the ContestWinners profile to receive a merit.
(Original idea by ubertuna, itemized rules by DragonMistress, modified by Devoidless)

Haiku Contest
"A Haiku is a Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons."
Well, that said, here are the rules:
- It must fit the theme of the month (same as General Poetry Contest)
-The haiku must be original (no plagiarizing)!
- It must be submitted before the deadline
- It must be created for the contest (no using works previously written)
- One submission per user
- The same user cannot win twice in a row (but they are welcome to submit!)

Once a month a winner will be chosen from all the received entries. To begin, the Moderation/Administration Team will act as judges and choose winners. Subject to change depending on how well things go.
The winner will then make a post on the ContestWinners profile to receive a merit.
(Original idea and itemized rules by Maverick4, modified by Devoidless)
First Themes
The first themes to kick off this contest shall be:
- The theme for the General Poetry contest this run is "Touch of Truth".

- The theme for the Haiku contest is "Broken Bond".
Submitting an entry
Since there are two separate contests, users are required to mention in the post which contest they wish to use the entry for. Any entry without this is subject to not being entered into either contest.
Examples of how to clarify which contest an entry is for:

This poem is for the General Poetry contest

-This is for the Haiku contest

I'd like to enter this for the General Poetry/Haiku contest

Remember, each user is allowed to join both contests!

Alright! Looking forward to seeing what you all can create! Good luck, and have fun with it!
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Awesome. Thanks @Gantic. ^^

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Thank you @Gantic

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Can't wait!

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A day before my thirteenth,
was my last chance as a child.
The time my dad told me,
It was my last chance to be wild.

Goodbye to my only past love,
The last time we spoke.
Goodnight to our memories,
Sweet dreams I hope.

Graduation my dear friends,
The last time we talk
Till we meet in time,
Or even when death may knock

A chance will always be,
This time is the last chance apparently.
But mods, are gods nothing they can't be,
This is not the last chance to be Legendary.

This feels a bit disjointed, but it gets clearer on each subsequent read through. There could be a stronger connection between the stanzas or better transitions in addition to the passage of time and the overarching theme amongst the stanzas.

Remember when the clouds broke down,
And the storms clamoured for terror,
And it was then, at dawn,
That their tears began to tarry.

Then you struck, again,
Gave their last hopes one last final blow,
And as the heavens were godsent,
You were the Devil, incarnate.

But the city of tears was red with ribbons,
Red with the bones of the votive offerings
Of a thousand lives and a thousand more sons,
And you stood tall and omniscient and gait-fully living.

But the gods cried and the monsters wept,
For you, for us, for the dead and the still-living,
And the city wailed with half-dead voices that crept
Under your bed at night, but you heard nothing;

And the city knew, and the city feared,
And the city burned in the black fires of your mind,
And though cities can't die, this one did,
And with it came grieving,

And with it went hope, and forgiveness, and you,
For your last dance on earth,
Was your Last Chance at all,
And you blew it away,

And you destroyed the City of Second Chances.

Some people can't or won't change. I like the imagery and symbolism here and how the rhythm complements the content.

Tears run down my face,
I cannot find what I cannot replace,
Not even a trace,
Now there's no one left for me to embrace,
I remain in the same place,
Never again to see your face.

I wish I had one last chance to tell you.

Over hard times will never fade,
Vastly assuring great aid,
Enduring throughout the roughest of terrains.

You will always hold a place near and dear to my heart,
Obstacles will come, but we will never part,
Undoubtedly, you are an incredible, irreplaceable work of art.

Everybody wants one more chance to say what it is that they want to say. I like how the last three stanzas start with the same words as the acrostic, but several of these lines feel forced to fit the acrostic, like line 10.

Let enemies come
Bring me a shotgun
Here comes the sun
I shoot them bum bum

And the Apocalpse has begun
After hunderd of enemies dead
Boss was aproching with a railgun
He telled me Now you are dead!!

i need to go ammory
he attacked me with fury
i dodged his all his actions
And he took a arrow to his knee!!!

I think this poem feels less like last chance than the others. While I like that it doesn't use any of the words from the theme, this doesn't strike me as a last chance. This may be the final apocalyptic showdown, but I don't get that sense that's it's winner takes all. With the rhyme scheme it's more upbeat and jokey.

My last chance i throw
Into the jaws of tomorrow
It can wait another day

I run around, scared
Left unprepared
The time has just run away.

I take one last look,
at that poor empty hook
why couldn't you just stay?

The black box you're in
couldn't save you back then
while fire burned all around

You needed a break
so a plane you did take
and you left us without a sound

I'm not clear on what the last chance for this is for. Was it time with whomever died? The transitions are murky and I don't know how much, if any, time passes between stanzas, but the thoughts of regreat are there.

Though I was able through all the past year
I used up my chances, wasted my tears
I gave up the right to speak and to write
And instead used my time to bicker and fight.

Now all I'm left with are bruises and scars
The ghost of my passion has gone to the stars
For this new year I can only hope for the best,
Yet I know deep down, I'll waste it same as the rest.

This is very general in covering the idea of some sort of loss. It tells the reader that things happened, but it doesn't show them what happened.

Two Week left
Time I have

Seven Red X’s at a glace
One week to go
Time aplenty still.

Five more days
That’s not bad
I rather play

Three More days Now
I Don’t want to think about it
Hey that looks interesting

Two More days
Think of it as 48 hours or 2880 minute
But, Later I say

One Day
I feel ill
Thirteen Red X’s haunts my dream

8 Hours or 480 minutes
Better think of it as 28,800 seconds instead.
Oh, Who is calling me?

3 Hour, 180 minute, 10,800 second
I feel my stomach rolls
My hand shakes
Pules racing, heart pounding.

Better start now
Every Second Needed
Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Last Chance

I like the passage of time here and the procrastination aspect of the poem. It's something that goes through everybody's head with deadlines weeks away. There's always still time until there isn't. And I suppose it helps that this was the last entry submitted.

Lonely hopes fill the
Empty chasms of ice and
Chances but one last.

But one last what? The grammar here changes the meaning of these three lines. Is it a finality where one does not finish the sentence at all, perhaps by jumping into the chasm? or is the word here lasts? Is there one lingering hope as there always is at the bottom of a chamber of despair like Pandora's box?

I gave you a chance
but you threw it in my face
Now all trust is gone

This entry tells instead of shows. I'm not sure it's possible to build more beyond what we have been told.

What have we done here,
The path we were on was clear,
Now there's no last chance.

This tells more than it shows. This requires some understanding of the situation, but it's impossible to guess at what happened.

Fifty two weeks close,
Fifty one weeks done and gone,
Using this last chance.

Procrastination is a wonderful thing that forces your hand. I think this could be tighter with a different first line or a different second line. As is, it seems redundant.

First place for the general poetry contest goes to @AHomoSapien for "Two Week left".
First place for the haiku contest goes to @SirLegendary for "Fifty two weeks close,".

Congratulations! You should get a merit within the hour and a shiny new quest if you do not already have one.

The current theme is already under way and you can find it in the title along with the due date.There is just under two weeks of time left to submit to the current round.

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Congrats to @AHomoSapien and @SirLegendary and to everyone who participated!!!!

Also, @Gantic I like how you offered constructive criticism, even though I enjoyed all of the poems

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Thanks, and lol @Gantic, yup... guilty as charged, I'm a horrible procrastinator...

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Ayy look the poetry contest, I remember I submitted something I think.


Time rewinds again,
Giving chancèd excuse for
Resolute choices.

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@Gantic thank you for choosing me I'm honored.

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My haiku
Spring, Summer, Autumn
Winter has claimed us and yet
Spring will return soon

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I'm actually questioning if I should submit this poem for the General Poetry Contest instead, if @Gantic allows, I'll do it, because I actually think that'll do better

Who said New Beginnings had to be good ^^


Sunshine and roses
Butterflies on noses
The world was full of light
A light exquisitely bright
But over time optimism decomposes
And the window of light suddenly closes
With no light in sight
In came eternal fright
Filling in the chasms of light
Pessimistic ideas start to ignite
Taking over my mind
Leaving my past all behind
Outward was the world of the Optimist
Inward was the world of the Pessimist

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Guest Pegasus, you're using my Armatar, yay

Haiku Contest

The Sun at its end.
Silence prevails all, Fear not
Life begins anew.

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I have never really done poetry, let's see...

The Power of Wind:

The Flame lies snuffed
The Earth has crumbled
The Rivers and Oceans dried up
The Light has Faded
and The Darkness remains

But The Wind will not be stopped.

It brings forth the clouds
which summon forth storms
and rains upon the ground
Lightning strikes, ignites The Flame
which starts The World again.

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The next theme will probably be Fifteen.

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As in the age? Or just the number?

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As in Fifteen.

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