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Hi! This is a new RPG where, while you can play as a human, it's probably better to play as a Robot or Mutant. There's a story, naturally.
In the year 2098, in the dawn of a new age of interstellar travel, a great and devastating war broke out. For years, hatred had been bubbling. Hatred of the machines. The machines that thought for themselves. It was too much for humanity to handle. They were stronger, smarter- better in every way than their human creators. The humans went to war.
In an act of desperation, the machines built the ultimate bioweapon: the Catalyst. The Catalyst spread across the human colonies, weakening the genes so that people could be mutated at the first scratch of a syringe. It didn't kill the humans. It fractured them. Some fought the Catalyst; some embraced it. Some fought the mutants.
It is now 2117. The three races have still not settled down. While the war is over, gangs of raiders patrol the worlds.

Leave the spaces marked E blank. [] brackets are to be replaced with what you choose. are to be deleted.
Name: [first name] [surname (optional)]
Race: [human/robot/mutant]
Class: [listed]
Location: [Can be Haze, Terra Nova or Gaia Valley, New Eden or Mjolnir, Asgard]
Party: You
Cash: 50 Credits
Level: 1
XP: 0/25
HP: 100/100
AP: 30/30
Attack Power: 5
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Speed: 0
Stealth: 0
Accuracy: 0
Luck: 0

Weapons: [class special]
Hat/exposed head
T-shirt/fragile torso
No gloves/manipulators
Cargo shorts/skinny legs
Boots/footpads/claws (for spiders)
Inventory: [50 Ammo for ranged weapon]

Sniper: +4 Accuracy, comes with Laser Rifle and Nano Knife
Hunter: +2 Strength and Speed, comes with Pulse Rifle and Nano Lance
Scavenger: +8 Luck, comes with Nano Machete and Auto-Shocker
Infiltrator: +8 Speed, +16 Stealth, only a Nano Blade
Tank: +100 HP, comes with rock-hard fists
Spider: +8 Speed, comes with lethal claws, can climb walls
Spitter: +2 Accuracy, comes with claws and regenerating spit
Helper: nasty claws, can heal others
Robots use human weapons.
Mech: +300 HP, half-speed, all parts are twice as expensive, comes with a plasma flinger akin to a melee (but uses Accuracy)
Crawler: robot counterpart to a Spider, uses the Nano-Lance
Fixer: robot Helper, uses an Auto-Shocker
Standard body: can have any human's set

Strength: Melee attack
Speed: lets you outrun people (lumbering mechs, lol)
Stealth: lets you sneak past enemies
Stamina: gives you extra AP
Accuracy: long-range/Mech damage
Luck: better loot, yay

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