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Battle for Darkness is like watching the same movie over and over again. It could be good, even great, but as it stands... No.

Often I see games that fail to offer speed up keys and this has to be one of the best examples of why that should be an option for the players. I clocked (as in, with a clock) the so-called speed up key they provided in this game and I see almost nothing.

What it needs is a real 2x/4x/8x speed up. Without this option this game suffers horribly. It could be a great game, but this one omission pretty much kills it. Just look at the player comments. All of them, not just the last few.

Also, many times I see mods and such on this site telling people to send a note to the author. This author has messages turned off. This is not an uncommon thing. I'm aware that some of the good-ole-timey authors don't do this. In this case in particular, it makes a player (me) wonder what good it does to comment or post about an obvious game flaw. An author with a closed profile seems to be saying "don't wanna hear that".

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