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This thread is a place to discuss quests for Sinjid. Here is a list of the current quests available for this killer-finding game...
Reach Level 3
Reach level 3.
Difficulty: Easy
Mad Lord Yuji
Defeat Mad Lord Yuji.
Difficulty: Easy
Eat 5 Food
Eat 5 pieces of food.
Difficulty: Easy
100 Crits
Deal 100 critical hits.
Difficulty: Easy
100 Blocks
Block 100 attacks.
Difficulty: Easy
Spike Death Drop
Kill an enemy by having him fall onto spikes.
Difficulty: Easy
Defeat Izumi
Defeat Lord Izumi.
Difficulty: Medium
Item Upgraded
Upgrade an Item.
Difficulty: Medium
500 Damage
Deal 500+ damage in a single hit.
Difficulty: Medium
Save the Weaponsmith
Rescue the Weaponsmith, Shigeru.
Difficulty: Medium
Defeat Asura
Defeat Lord Asura.
Difficulty: Hard
Save the World
Defeat Kazuro and save the world.
Difficulty: Hard

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