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This takes place in Modern times (2050) where a private company kidnaps people, gives them a survival pack with food, water and a pistol of their choice then films it all for people who subscribe to watch. then drops them into a giant sprawling city in the middle of nowhere to fight to the death with others. and YOU have been chosen. The city itself is a mega city in the Gobi Desert, with climate control and every terrain imaginable, though mostly urban.

Now you start off small but if you please the crowd you'll be given or may even find more

Physical Desc.: at least 3
Personality: at least 3
Trait: from the above 2
Bio: at least 6 sentences, optional
Perk:from the above
Weapon: No desert eagles or the like please, a pistol
Armor: Just regular clothes you'd have
Misc.: add 5 here, no weapons
Health: 100/100
Armor Durability: 0/0
Condition: Fine, Hungry

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