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This is the place for hints, tips and strategies for KoC, a IPhone and Android game. I'm a veteran at this game, but I wont tell you my username, but I am in Bors22. So if you have a question, go ahead and ask. Here is a short noob guide to the start of the game, I'll be adding to it later, I dont have time to write it all now. Here it is>

When you start a game, the first thing you do is upgrade your castle and use your 15minute speed ups, then upgrade alchemy lab using the last 15m speed up and a 1m speed up. Then, tap your icon that says Chest, and everyday you can get one token to get a random item from Merlin. Everyday you can also email or text 10 people, and for every 10 you get a token, but only once daily. I would start off making cottages, and make around 4-5, and you can tweak your setup as you get better and a higher level. Next build 3-5 barracks and upgrade them to Level 2, so you can train. For every barrack, you get 10% better training speed, as well as another training slot. For every upgrade, you get 1%. Now, at level 57 I am making 1-1.5 million might (troop score) a day. I have 3 cities, and 16-20 barracks in each with 3-5 cottages, for population to train troops. When you start getting lots of troops and level 30, you can start farming for resources. I daily have 10-30 million of each. Make sure you always have troops training, upgrading or building and researching going on, as the more you do the faster you can do things.

You can ask for help from me, and I will be answering questions and querys and adding onto the tutorial. I would strongly recommend this game for 14+, as there is a chatroom. This game is good for long-term strategy lovers and this will get you truly addicted. You can make lots of friends, and I will be adding a lingo dictionary later, for all the in-game terminology. I'd like to see you there.

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