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Welcome, foolish mortals! I am the lord and master Kylelolcat! You must go and fight on the fields of war for mine and the other lord's amusement! You may also go on an adventure to train yourself to better engage in combat!


Name: Your username!
Level: 1
EP: 0/1000
HP: 100/100
SP: 100/100
Team: The Azure Order or the Illuminati Knights

CLASSES! These determine your weapons, armor and move speed!

Archer: You sit from afar and puncture people with arrows. You move fast, but you don't wear much armor. Your weapons:
Bow class: Fires at average speed with average damage and range. Starting weapon: Longbow
Crossbow class: Fires slower due to the lengthened reload time, but the arrows fly farther and hit harder. Starting weapon: Crossbow.
Javelin class: Fires the fastest and can be used as a melee weapon, but it sucks in terms of damage and range. Starting weapon: Javelin
Dagger class: Hits the fastest of any melee weapon, but doesn't do much damage on a hit. Starting weapon: Broad dagger
Smallsword class: Hit a little slower than a dagger and a little harder. Starting weapon: Shortsword
Pravise Shield: A large wooden shield that can be places and provides cover. Can only be used with a Crossbow.
Buclker: A small wooden shield that can be used to block oncoming attacks. Can only be used with a Javelin.
Bodkin Arrow: A thinner, armor-piercing arrow that does less damage. Only used with Bows.
Broadhead Arrow: A thicker arrow for dealing more damage to less armor. Only used with bows.

Infantry: The fastest and lightest armored, they specialize in dodging attacks and going berserk on the other team. Weapons:
Sword class: The weapon best suited to combat against lighter armored enemies, Starting weapon: Broadsword
Axe class: The weapon that's good no matter what enemy you fight. Starting weapon: Hatchet
Mace class: The weapon that somehow does better the more armor you hit. Starting weapon: Flanged Mace
Dagger class
Smallsword class
Throwing Dagger: A small dagger that can be thrown to give melee infantry a ranged weapon.
Oil Pot: A small pot that can be thrown to immediately set people on fire. Useful to get through turtlers.
Buckler: A small wooden shield that can be used to block incoming attacks.
Heater Shield: A somewhat larger metal shield that can also be used for blocking.

Charger: A class that's more than a little bit insane. They can charge an enemy for massive damage using a massive weapon that can hit several enemies at one time. Your weapon choices:
Greatsword class: The most balanced of the Charger weapons, they combine range, power and speed into a single deadly weapon. Starting Weapon: Greatsword
Spear class: The weapons that are best used for stabbing people. They are slow when not stabbing, but they can hit at a great range. Starting Weapon: Spear.
Longaxe class: The weapons that pack the most power into a small space, it combines power and range into a slow, strong weapon. Starting Weapon: Bardiche
Sword class
Axe class
Throwing Daggers
Throwing Axes: Like throwing daggers, but do more damage and you can hold less.

Knight: The biggest BAs on the battlefield, not much can break their guard. They use big shields and big weapons, dealing out big damage at will.
Greataxe class: A class of hard-hitting weapons that attack slowly. They do well against all armor classes. Starting weapon: Double Axe
Hammer class: Like most blunt weapons, they do better against heavier armor. These weapons are slow, but they deal a lot of damage in one hit. Starting Weapon: War hammer
B.Sword class: A class of swords that deal more to lighter armor classes. They are the quickest of the Knight weapons. Starting Weapon: Longsword
Sword Class
Mace Class
Thowing Axes
Tower Shield: The biggest of all shields, they provide a huge defensive boost in exchange for making you even slower.
Kite shield: Lighter and smaller than a Tower Shield, you can move faster with a Kite Shield than a Tower Shield.

(Yeah, I've been playing a little too much Chivalry: Medieval Warfare...)

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I'll post Kyle, and se if he post in 24 hour or not.

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