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I understand that ads are a necessary part of just about any website. The bills have to be paid. I didn't say anything when some ads were distracting from the games, making some of them harder to play. After all, the games are free and Armor Games has to generate revenue to support that and profit.

But the mouseover ads are a bridge too far. The new M&M's ad, in particular, is a maddening nuisance that pops up a full screen ad in the middle of playing if the mouse strays but a quarter inch off the bottom of the play field. This made one of the new games, Frantic 3, almost unplayable: I had to keep closing the **** M&M's full screen popup in the middle of playing several times, and the game doesn't stop whaling on you while you are trying to close the **** popup.

At the very least, Armor Games needs to tell their ad feed providers to not put mouseover ads in the feeds that go below games. Put them in the above-game feeds if you absolutely must have them on game pages, and watch them like hawks, as mouseover ads are used by hackers to slip malware installers into ad feeds. One bad mouseover ad and your user base can be infected with fraudulent antivirus programs.

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