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Seriously. What's the big deal with China? Yes, they censor the internet. Yes, they wreck their own environment. But when they want oil, they buy oil. They don't invade some poor country in the middle east and blame it on quote-on-quote "terrorists". They pay for it. When they want to make a buck, they sell a ton of plastic toy cars at rock-bottom prices. They don't sell non-reproducing grain that people have to buy again and again.
Besides, it's the backbone of the world's economy. It has the US dollar (and therefore every dollar pegged to it) in its pocket. It produces everything and sells it to everyone. And the US is, well, no better. It doesn't censor the web because it doesn't care that everyone knows it (and the UK) bombed Iraq flat.
And the US/UK have virtually no environmental protection. The EPA is a joke and the UK, well, the UK got rid of its environment centuries ago. Read up on the Vietnam war. American conduct was pretty much a violation of the Geneva Convention. Are we to forget all this just so we can demonise China? Also, I'll have you know I've been to Vietnam and China.

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