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Here are the reasons why I think it's overrated:
1. Well, for starters the personalities of the Mane 6 are all clichés that have been used in other cartoons or they're stereotypes of those type of people. I mean, just because a girl (or pony) is raised in a farm doesn't mean all she does in her life is bake everything that has to do with apples.

2. The plots for all the episodes of season 1-2 are cliché too. They're all things that has happened in other cartoons.

3. It's not that funny. I mean there are jokes here and there that are hilarious (most of them are made by Pinkie Pie) but the cartoon doesn't give the funniest jokes.

Just my personal opinion on this show. By the way, I used to be a brony so please don't comment saying i'm prejudice because i've seen every episode of season 1 & 2 and that is what I think of it. I posted this to tell people that this isn't the best show in the world. In fact, I wouldn't even put this show in my list of my favorite cartoons. I'm just sharing my opinion, please respect mines & I will respect yours.

P.S. I know this show isn't a little girls show!

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is this a new thread, or did i forget to post anything?

anyway, i like the show, the music made by fans and the fan art. i even watched the movie, it was ok.

if you do not like it, then try to avoid and/or ignore it, except you are trying to troll bronies and pegasisters.

i can not wait for season four!!!

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Eh, the huge issue with comparing this with something like TF2 is that TF2 is relative scrap compared to this when talking about something that has a unique set of characteristics about it.

Want a couple quick examples?

A) MLP has a useful message - TF2 cannot even claim to compare here. Useful message, yeah right, maybe squishing worms is a useful message too :P

B) MLP focuses on positive outcomes - Hah, TF2 fails by design at this, quite terribly, there is only one winner, everyone is a loser. Negative, boring outcomes, check.

C) MLP bridges important boundaries - what important boundaries does TF2 bridge? None. Absolutely none, I tell you. Yeah maybe person X meets person Y through medium X, but its entirely irrelevant whether this is TF2 or MySpace

TF2 is NOTHING like MLP, and anyone who thinks the too are anywhere closely related is simply sadly informed/might want to re-educate themselves on a little thing known as 'reality'.

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