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Alright, time to see if this works like it did last time. A while back, when I was last active, I created a thread for a contest, where I rated the songs created for Punk-o-matic, gave a rating, usually some feedback when the results were given. Now that Punk-o-matic 2 is here (I know it's not recent, but I have been gone for a while), I aim to double the awesomeness. Reboot my former contest, and add one for the second game as well.


1. You may post up to two songs, either both for one game, or one for each.
2. Please state which game the song is for, though this is only for convenience as the code should make it obvious.
3. Try to think of good names, even for the Punk-o-matic 1 songs where the name isn't part of the code.
4. Please keep the song names appropriate.
5. Please do not hit randomize in the game, for what fun is that? No joy of laborious creation!
6. Do not berate other contestants, and follow normal guidelines of the Community.
7. Have fun!

Hopefully this works out and attracts some people, but if not, oh well

Now get out there and make some songs!


P.S. I'll decide the time length of each contest once I see how many people join. Also, here's my Punk-o-matic 2 song so far, mostly complete, but I'm not happy with how I ended it.

(Facing the Truth)ax-gaX-cbf-acA-aax-ebr-aay-gbv-cck-gbv-HcX-ccJ-abP-gbH-gbR-ecA-aax-gaX-cbf-acA-abv-cbI-gbf-cak-bcA-aax-ecJ-abI-ecz-abI-gbP-gcv-ecJ-Z-Z-Z-Z-U,nd-cne-cnd-bntnp-ano-anc-and-ckj-akm-aiAhWkQ-cmV-cgh-cgh-chf-gcZ-aee-adLdsgv-cgw-ccz-acS-abu-aig-bnq-cnV-anW-cok-cop-coo-coq-cnt-cns-cnd-cne-cnd-cnb-cnd-cnx-cnC-cnD-cnB-cnFmw-cmx-cmp-gnx-cnC-cnD-cmU-cmR-gif-Z-Z-Z-Z-S,fs-gfx-cfn-cfR-afU-cgr-aaX-afx-agA-cfG-cfK-cfK-cgG-udk-edk-a!!-Hfs-gfx-cfn-cfY-cgk-ggj-hfO-gfw-cfw-cgk-gbL-cbl-caL-aaY-cak-abX-Z-Z-Z-Z-S,eu-ccW-cey-cda-cev-afh-adJ-aey-cfoeCge-ggh-cjD-clH-coo-cop-aoq-igv-aeJ-cfv-aeJ-a!!-zar-geu-ccW-cey-cdM-ada-agx-cfT-gfS-cfU-dfW-cfA-cfB-ebp-afT-gdF-ccT-cdF-bdm-bdX-aeJ-Z-Z-Z-Z-S

Also, feel free to check out my Punk-o-matic 1 songs, too, if you wanna get some inspiration

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