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(This game will be based off The Walking Dead Series but you will not be following Rick's group.)

Your alone, Hungry, and have no way to defend yourself. There are Walkers roaming the streets and you got almost no shelter. This is your Story.

*Character Sheet*

Name: First and Last
Age: 13-60
Gender: Male or Female
Biography: Must have one or your story will be boring. Give a Decent sized one.
Personality: Give a few.
Description: What you look like, what your wearing, your Physical build.
-Health and Status-
Health: 100%
Ammo: 0
Inventory: None
Status: Hungry, Thirsty, Unhurt
-Group's Status-
Hunger: 0%
Thirst: 0%
Mood: 0%
Personal Mood: 0%
Leader: None

*Rules and Info*

If your character gets Hungry, or Thirsty they will begin to lose strength but It will not kill you for awhile. After 10 days of no food your will die same amount for no water.

If your group gets under 20% Hunger or Thirst they will begin to get angry and may start fighting each other for food. You may be able to calm them down but if it gets below 5% they will be out of control.

Group Leader can either be the most reasonable person you can talk to(Ex. Dale or Rick) or can act like a total ******(ex. Shaun or Daryl on his mean streaks).

Personal Mood is how much the group likes you. You start at 50% if you get to 100% you are well liked by everybody but if your under 50% you are only liked by few if at all anybody.

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