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In the world of Cascadia, peace reigns over all. The many sentient races that exist on the planet get along with each other quite well. Choosing to cooperate with each other instead of waging mindless war over trivial things. They share among even other races, not just their own. And so, prosperity reigned over the planet for many, many years. Although recently, destruction has been abundant. Nobody knows why, but many people have been growing violent over the days and spontaneous personality changes are occurring. Mindless slaughter happens virtually everyday, even in well-protected cities. The different races began to blame each other, and all of this lead to the First Cascadian War. Alliances were made and people began to take sides. You are one of these people and you seek to find the reason for this carnage. Or will you instead take advantage of it?

Character Sheet

Name: (First and last name would be great)
Appearance: (Just what your character's body looks like. Clothing not included. Accessories are accepted)
Biography: (At least a short story behind your character. Why did you join this war and what do you seek to achieve?)
Stats: (You get 50 points to distribute among these stats. Minimum of 5 for each stat. Maximum of 15.)
Strength: (Increases melee damage, etc.)
Constitution: (Increases HP, etc.)
Agility: (Increases speed, turn-order, etc.)
Dexterity: (Increases ranged damage as well as a bit of melee damage for speed-based classes, hit chance, etc.)
Intelligence: (Increase magic damage, mana, etc.)
Will: (Affects saving rolls, healing, gives a bit of mana, etc.)
P. Defense:
M. Defense:


Human - The most abundant in Cascadia. They have no weaknesses and are naturally charming with a strong resolve.

Elf - Closely related to Humans, but have weaker bodies than humans. They are agile, intelligent, and have a knack for magic. Can see better in the dark than humans.

Dragonkin - A race that is half-dragon and half-human. In terms of physique, they are almost that of humans. They can fly for short bursts and are very capable in melee combat, but in turn are weak to magic and cannot cast any forms of it.

Dwarf - Short and stout, they are dwarves. They have tough bodies and are rather strong for their size. Not very agile though. Due to generations of spending most of their lives in the underground, they can see perfectly well in the dark.


Warrior - The mighty warrior, often put in the front line of battles. They charge in with no regrets. Very tough, it's hard to put a Warrior down. Specializes in outlasting opponents. Starts with a Longsword, Hide Armor, and Wooden Shield.
Starting Ability: Staggering Blow - Hit the opponent with your weapon's pommel, dealing 50% damage but stunning them for 1 round.

Rogue - Often mistaken for thieves, Rogues are much different from thieves. Agile and sneaky, they kill with deadly precision. Specializes in taking out targets quickly. Starts with a pair of Daggers, and Leather Armor.
Starting Ability: Double Strike - Strike the opponent twice with both daggers, dealing 200% damage. Can be split amongst multiple enemies.

Archer - Although not as agile as the Rogue, they kill their targets from afar with hawk-eye precision. Starts with a Wooden Bow (limitless regular arrows), Leather Armor, and a Hunting Knife.
Starting Ability: Piercing Arrow - Shoot the enemy with a specialized arrow, dealing 125% damage and ignoring 50% of their armor.

Mage - Specialized in the arcane arts, they are a force to be reckoned with. They kill their targets mercilessly with magic. Starts with a Wooden Staff and Cloth Robes.
Starting Ability: Choose one from the following
Fireball - Hurl a fireball at the enemy. Dealing 175% damage and a 25% chance of inflicting Burn, damaging them for 25% of your damage each turn for 2 turns.
Ice Spikes - Shoot 3 spikes of frozen ice at the enemy, dealing 125% damage with a 50% chance of inflicting Frostbite, slowing them by 50% for 3 turns.
Lightning Bolt - Zap the enemy with a bolt of lightning, dealing 150% damage. The bolt can arc up to two more enemies dealing 100% damage to the 2nd and 50% damage to the 3rd.

Cleric - They are the light in the darkness. They fight up close while healing their companions and themselves. Starts with a Hammer and Plate Armor.
Starting Ability: Heal - Heals you or an ally for an amount equal to your Will.

Any amount of people may sign-up.

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