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In a new tab, open the armor games homepage. Look how much white space there is next to the small square image of the new games. Look at the unnecessarily large-print name of the game. WTF?

A larger thumbnail will allow for a better representative image for the game, and a rich looking homepage. Large thumbnails will look better on smaller screens, a major platform of ArmorGames'. What is this obsession with perfectly square thumbnails anyway? A bigger rectangular thumbnail is a better representation of a game than its printed name could ever be. Use a small font and write the name under the thumbnail. No one cares what the game is called, the image and rating determain which games i play, not the name.

If you are thinking 'but that will clutter the look of the homepage', well two things:

1- the large colorful flashing adds tell me that cluttering is not really a problem for AG.
2- With cleverly implemented design changes, you could at least double the size of the thumbnail simply by reducing the size of fonts around it, no cluttering needed.

Anyways, I'm just saying. I observed the slow morphing of the new AG with awe (very clever by the way). I kept waiting for the new thumbnails to happen but they never did..

You know, just before clicking submit, I thought I'd look at the AG MMO homepage, and guess what AG designers, you guys know EXACTLY what i'm talking about and it looks great! So why are you toying with me? Give my my large thumbnails Dagnamit.

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Patience is a virtue TazManiac7... You actually answered your own question/suggestion here. The website is undergoing a series of updates with new features and 'visual alterations' at a decent pace now.

Your suggestion was a part of the ArmorGames Beta test in the past and a part of that has already been implemented into the website since. The overview page for every different game category has heen changed to fit a rectangular thumbnail at the top.

I'm pretty sure this suggested feature will make it onto the website in due time. They simply have other, more pressing matters to attend to right now, but it is on their list. =)

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