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You live in a unnamed world, where every time period and country exist in one point. There is war among three different factions. These three factions are the humans, non-humans, and extraterrestrials. You are a class from one of these sides, and simply freelance your way through the world, fighting everything you want, from mythical monsters, to the leaders of enemy factions, to your own faction. Enjoy!

Character sheetfill in whats in parenthesis)
NameSomething Rational)
Physical DescriptionWhat you look like)
Biolife story)
FactionGoes with your class)
InventoryItem with class)
Skillsyou will gain these as the story continues)

Factions and Classes:
Pirates: Greatest seafarers and scoundrels of the sea, base is located at "The Ports". Starts off with satchel of gun powder, and a rusty cutlass.
Ninjas: Masters of the art of stealth, base located at "Shadow Dojo". Starts off with throwing stars(10) and substitution scroll.
Knights:Medieval warriors who can become masters with any physical weapons. Base located at "The Round Table". Starts off with wooden shield and a dagger.
Spy: Masters of Espionage. Base moved periodically. Starts off with taser and handcuffs(2).
Werewolves:Most powerful and only non-human class on the Human faction. Discriminated against. Has no base. Has claws and teeth and a wooden club in human form to start off with.

Non-Humans :
Vampires: Blood sucking masters of the night. Weak in sunlight, if not killed instantly. Base located at "The Citadel". Has teeth and ally enslaved zombie to start off with.
Intelligent zombie: Flesh eating sentient minions of the vampires. Most numerous and tenacious class. Base located at "The Citadel". Starts of with teeth to start off with.
Robot: Smartest class, not trusted by vampires and zombies. Base located at "Mech City".Starts off with plasma grenades(15) and laser pistol.

Extraterrestrials: Originating from different parts of space, all shapes and sizes. Come in three varieties. Base located at "The Mother Ship"
Warrior: Physically strong aliens who use alien weaponry. Start off with Laser cannon(low-quality)
Techie: Physically weak aliens who use robotics to fight in battle. Starts off with robotic trainee suit(equipped with two laser pistols)
Psychic : Mentally strong alien who use their intelligence to deliver psychic attacks. Starts out with Mind-Trick skill and Mind-Blast skill.

Once you've created your character, have fun!
Maximum of 5 players

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