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Sit back and relax, because some reading has to be done.


In the year 2081, the human race is at its peak - The population is growing at unreal rates while resources are slim. SCARP (Space Colonization and Resources Program) have engineered prototypes space vessels that could get the human race to leave the planet in search of a new organic one. Years pass. The planet seems to stand still. The prototype has finally been finished and is loaded and launched into orbit. Suddenly, onboard the ship the controls begin to malfunction as it charges into earth. Hitting one of the largest nuclear plants, North america is driven out by the radiation and danger. Only some people decide to stay, before reporting mutants. Meanwhile, The remains of the ship in space are orbiting earth and are in danger to strike somewhere else. Which leaves SCARP and all military forces to destroy it. The missiles strike and hit. All seems well until the massive amounts of metal are shot out, and quickly dash towards earth damaging all major areas and destroying most civilization. All is lost. Earth is plunged into apocalypse and the human race is getting close to becoming extinct. This is your story. How you survived. And how you will survive.


First off, character sheets.
Before I show a layout, I must tell you what the stats are for.
You are given 20 starting skillpoints which you must spend on the following:

Tech: Increases technology knowledge and allows you to build and operate higher tier things.

Construction: A lower chance of failure when building and allows you to unlock higher tiers of building.

Health: You recover from wounds quicker and are much tougher.

Stamina: How fast you can run or do similar activities and how much you can before you need to rest.

Ranged: Higher chances of massive damage and allows you to use higher tier ranged weapons better.

Melee: Higher damage with melee and reduces stamina needed to attack with them. Allows you to use higher tier melee weapons.

Cyber: Allows you to use and operate cyber weapons better. Allows you to use higher tier Cyber weapons.

Scavenging: Allows you to get more from supplies and allows you to preserve them better. Also allows you to make supplies.

Okay, enough of that. Here's how the sheet should look:

Starting Weapon: (Pistol, or Rusted Sword)
Items: (None)
HP: 100/100
SP: 100/100
Starting Town: (choose the town you start in. info below.)


No turn based here really, its how you can think to eliminate the thing and how fast you CAN.


You start out in a town. Commonly what the town will be like is posted.

Town: (name of town)
Supplies: (none at start)
Buildings: (shack at start)
Population: (whoever chooses to live there)


The map is unknown,
Player to player interaction is allowed,
And other than that...

I guess there really is nothing else.
So get out there, and start surviving!

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