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This is not a forum game.This is a thread to help people invent games here.People who want specific games can post here to suggest a type of game they'd love,while creators can also post what kind of games they have an idea of creating,but want to get other's opinions first!This will help creators and gamers with what they want to do.You'll still need a stat sheet for this though.

NameYour username)
Favorite Genre(s)You favorite type of games)
Successful Games CreatedAny games of yours that were pretty successful)
Favorite Game Creator(s)Just in case you have any favorite game creators out there on this forum)

Then,you just post either what you'd like to see in a game,or what you'd like to create,but want the opinion of others!


Favorite Genre(s):War,Adventure.
Successful games created:Blow up the above user with something!
Favorite Game Creator(s):NachoDud5672

I'm interested in a medieval game that also include present-day weaponry and warfare.Anyone got any ideas?

You get it?Anyway,if you have any ideas for any games you wanna make,but you're unsure about it,or if you wanna play a game to your nature that you'll like,suggest it,post it,etc!Hope this will help with those issues!If you have any suggestions for this,feel free to leave them!Until next time guys!

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