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They were right. They were right all along. The "hippies", the "scaremongers", all of them were right. Climate change proved to be no sham. Within 120 years, the Earth went from 70% water to 85%. Some took to boats. Some stayed on land. It became clear that the only solution lay in space. You were one of those picked to live aboard the ship.
All of humanity's best and brightest took to these ships. Yours set off for Sirius. Today, you have woken up.
Character sheet:
Health: 100/100
Armour: 10/10
Position: [this should be something like Engineer, Medic, etc.]
Bio: [be reasonable and include why you got on]
Perks: [only one perk]
Extras: [something like a cybernetic implant to increase your strength]
Equipment: Cryosuit
Inventory: [no weapons, etc. and 2 things of your choice. These will be in a locker next to you, not with you]
Company: [blank]
Fill out the sheet, delete the stuff in [] brackets and I'll give you a scenario. I might give you a group of scenarios. Heck, you could even suggest one and if it's good enough I'll give it to you.
1) If you read this, put "keeps a purple goldfish" in your bio.
2) No cursing, flaming or explicit content.
3) No making up your outcomes.
4) No one-liners.
5) Don't do stupid stuff, you'll probably die.
6) Disregard rule one and instead write "likes trains" in the bio.
7) While you can interact with other players, don't try to kill them without a good reason. This will be provided by me.
8) The ship is piloted by an AI. You may pilot the ship, though you may find craft which you can pilot.
9) The cake may or mat not be a lie.
(10) There are no more rules.

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