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Not sure if this belongs in the Tavern, but what the hell. If, nay when, we develop a sapient AI, should it have the rights of a human (or equivalent)? There are loads of research programs going on right now, most famously Cleverbot, into the subject. But what should happen to them when they start to think?
Stuff like the Terminator and Matrix series always feature murderous AIs trying to kill of the heroic humans, but, well, what should be done? I myself think that anything that thinks like a person, is a person. So what if it's not human? In Iain M. Banks' Culture novels, the AIs (drones and Minds) are given full rights.
Minds fly starships measured in kilometers and human/drone crews are, well, an optional aesthetic. I say we should aim to be more or less like this, but I value your opinions too.

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