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Note: All italics are thinking.

So, while listening to some music a friend (More of an acquaintance but still...) came over and asked what I was listening to. I was listening to some Pink Floyd song (Forgot the name :/). After telling him the name he had this weird look on his face that I just couldn't place. After a small awkward pause he said, "OH! That's the band my Dad likes. Why are you with us? The people that like music are over there dude. "

Wait, because I listen to this music it means that I can't talk to you. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know that my music taste has such an affect on my personality.

So, what do you think? After this conversation I spent a week just looking at different groups of people and comparing their musical taste. To my surprise, nearly everyone in a certain group liked the same style of music.

So, do you think music is more about an image that is supposed to represent you more than it is about what you actually like listening to?

Oh, the stoners listen to classic rock, the "Popular" kids are into electronic and the emos are all about metal. Which one are you?

Wait, but I listen to all of those genres!


Anyway, just needed to vent and thought it would be a nice topic. Why do people care so much about music taste?

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