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First and foremost, No swearing or anything inappropriate, Really, its not much to ask.

Bronze Labyrinth

Your are a robot, epicene (genderless) in most cases, vaguely humanoid, large dextrous hands and feet with rubber grip, smooth bronze skin with small gaps at joints revealing a black clockwork like interior, riddled with wires. You have blue lights representing eyes, your actual vision comes from a small black camera on your forehead. You have a small slit for a mouth which can speak in a basic CPU Language.
You are not water-proof, you must sleep an hour every once in a while for self repair on small things inside your body such as artificial metal muscles and internal leaks of Pnuema (your life-blood)

You are a puzzle bot, designed following regulations to enter the competition.
'Bronze Labyrinth' the first robot to reach the end of the trapped maze wins its owner millions of dollars and fame as a technician. But all you are aware of is that you must finish the labyrinth. Your life will be complete if you do. Friendships, Alliances may be made, but when you and they stands at the exit gate, it is free-for-all.

Name : (E.G. Cognizant1, Primus, Septimus, Torren)
Styling : Do you have fake hair? A different eye color? Perhaps you are embellished with a strange alphabet you cannot read (English, Japanese, Etc), painted, Are your proportionally different? (Appearing more male of female)
Ability1 : Faster repair (30 minute sleep), Water Proof, Hand Contact-Tazer (effects traps and other competitors), Extra pair of arms, Enhanced Speed (Jumping, dodging, etc)
Ability2 : Key-Type-1, Key-Type-2, Water-Proof, Trap-Awareness (it only makes sense when it happens), Metal-Metabolism (Eat broken trap fragments and metal units to heal.)
HP ; 100/100
Inflictions : Recently-Rebooted (Wares off eventually, disables some powers)

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