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Hey everyone!

This thread will revolve around virtual weapons. I mean:

What would be your favorite weapon from games?

Yeah! Exactly! I'd like to know what gun you like the most from any shooting game - from Call of Duty to Counter Strike, from Borderlands to Halo.

I'd just like if you remembered guns from games other than CoD, or else this would become a CoD-only thread, and CoD has a thread of it's own already.

Don't forget to include both firearms and melee weapons.

And don't forget IRL guns can be dangerous...

Anyways, my favorite weapons in-game are many.

In WWII-based shooters, I love the Kar98k - specially in Call of Duty 3. Actually, I like nearly every bolt-action, no-scope rifle from WWII games. And that includes the Kar98k, the Lee Enfield, the Arisaka, the Carcano and the Type 36. But that like doesn't seem to follow to newer timelines: BO2's Ballista with iron sight sucks too much.

I also have a personal like towards pistols and revolvers. Counter Strike 1.6's Desert Eagle, P228 and Five-seveN are great, while Killing Floor's .44 Magnum and MK23 are very effective to slay zombies. Not forgetting Resident Evil 4's Red9 and CoD Zombies mode's Python/Cobra.

Ah, the BO2's Executioner also rocks.

About assault rifles, I like Battlefield 3's/BO2's AN-94, Counter Strike 1.6's IDF Defender ("Galil&quot and AK-47 and the MP-44 from WWII-based games.

While in the shotguns department, most Remington 870 appearances are quite reliable - specially in the PS2 shooter "Black" - along with the KSG.

Among the Sub-machine guns, I like CS 1.6's UMP, WWII-based MP40, Black Ops II's MSMC and Vector, Killing Floor's MP7, MP5 and MAC-10 - with a quirky capability of shooting fire bullets when in the right perk.

About swords and the like, TES V: Skyrim's Skyforge Steel Greatsword is a good one, specially because it's for free and has a reasonable strenght. The Silver Greatsword is also something good to carry around, as well, as it has special powers against undead enemies, common in Skyrim. Their fireballs staff is also good.


So, what about you?

~sorry if this has been more CoDly I thought it would be u.u~

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