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First of all, this is based off a previous forum of mine.

In an unknown world at an unknown time, some guy made these cards. These cards somehow evolved, evolved to the point where the things on the cards eventually popped out and battledagainst other things. The wierdest part was that they could only hurt things from other cards, and not people. After a long while, people started to love these cards and played em in a game. You are one of these people, and you are trying to build up your fame.

Reputation: Nobody (your rep allow you to join bigger and better paying tournaments)
Rep. Xp: 0/10 (The amount of rep. needed to earn to rank up)
Cash: 1500 (used to buy decks and buy into tournaments)
CP: 0 (Used to upgrade cards, won from defeating other's cards)
Total cards: 0
Deck: N/A
Deck type: N/A
Place: Apartment ( -200 Cash a month)
Day: 1
Time: 1/1/2013

A few rules:
Decks: Your decks are made from types of cards, called "Leader cards" These leader cards are part of a type of unit, which will determine your deck type
Units: There are 5 units, and inside of these units are different classes.
The basic units are: Undead, Human, Beasts, Elementals, and Insectoids.
Some basic classes are: Zombies, Mages, Dragons, Elementals, and Spiders.
Once a card is destroyed, unless it has the unkillable effect.
Houses: homes give rep gain bonuses and rep gain itself, such as the apartment you live in. It gives you + 0.5 rep gain.
Card armor/weapons: Armor//weapons cannot be destroyed completely, but will dull out eventually
Card stats: There are 4 card stats,
ATK: How much damage the do per turn.
DEF: How much defence they have, it acts like a second health stat.
A monster has 150 ATK
The other has 50 DEF and 120 HP
Instead of blocking 50 damage, it destroyed the armor completely
After the attack:
The monste now has 0 Def and 20 HP.
HP: The life of the monster, once this is empty the card loses a "Life" and cannot be used again this game.
Lives: Each card has an amount of "Lives". They lose a life everytime they die in a game, and once this is empty, the card is destroyed. You can buy another life for a single card for a few CP. More CP depending on its stats.
Each turn you will be able to place one monster and one item/equipment. After that each monster gets to attack an enemy card of your choosing.

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