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im level 19 priest with :
Head: Conquer's Crown
Body: Fancy Robes
Hands: Honored Vambraces
Feet: Stalker Dash
Pants: Crossed Leggings
Trinket: Blessed Chain
Weapon: Shogun Flame Bo
I do like 4000 in a 15 seconds but then he turns red and when i use my ghost shuriken i just kill myself

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What difficulty are you playing on?

Anyway, since I have no idea which Priest type you are playing, I will go with the standard INT Priest one.

First thing to know, INT Priests have no need for any stat but their INT, AGI if you're using AGI Priest. VIT is nice, but that's a secondary matter. Going through your various equipment, your Head, Hands, switch them out, absolutely useless for both Priest types.

Your other equipment has some merit, though you may want to go for equipment with more INT on them, keep the Fancy Robes, if you're in the Hazuki Residence with Tetsuo, there's a hidden chest containing Snow Silk Leggings, get those. The Shadow equipment in the Fallen Village can cover your hands and feet needs. Your head, blow a few of the Hazuki Retainers to kingdom come till you get a Mystical Helm, that should help.

Damage hasn't much use for Priests since you're going to bombard, not harass with poking.

Ability wise, INT Priests use the basic Shadow attack and Ice Spikes, I hear Soul Shatter was quite powerful before, not so much now. The thing is that these abilities only need you to face that person and cast, the attacks can strike people off from the other end of the map and are homing.

Needless to say this drains Focus quite fast, so go for the Force Field ultimate, it does 2 things, first, it stuns enemies who enter the range of the field, second, it gives you insane focus regeneration for a few seconds enough to launch a few spells and still be fully recharged by the time the effects have worn off.

Support skills, Blink, and Meditate, both are important regardless of build-style, we'd be squishier than jelly without them. MAX them. Shadow Guardian is an optional, but I use it because I like someone between me and them, and it gives me time to run.

As for Tetsuo, he's got 3 skills, first he throws around his Soul Shatter, it'll chase you around and if it hits it hits HARD. Then his Thorns, which is basically an attack reflector and speed boost (He turns red.) and most likely why you commit suicide. If he goes chatting and casting, he's going to use heal, which shouldn't be too much trouble to overcome with sheer damage.

Basically, one end of the map, cast spells, when he chases you, ice him, then run to the other end, if no spells to cast, no MP, use Force Field to stop him and run to the other end of the map, and always avoid the Soul Shatter. Meditate as necessary.


Hopefully this wasn't too long.

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Wow. I'm a warrior and I beat him after several deaths by just downright running and hitting him. I'm guessing being a warrior is waay simpler than being a priest.

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I are 20 lvl warriow but I CANT KILL LORD TETSUO

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Again the question: which difficulty?

But heck, warrior is the easiest class probably.
Here is the setup worked for me:
Level 2: Iron Discipline 1/2
Level 3: Iron Discipline 2/2
Level 4: Brutal Advantage 1/3
Level 5: Brutal Advantage 2/3
Level 6: Brutal Advantage 3/3
Level 7: Concentrated Brew 1/2
Level 8: Doom Blade 1/3
Level 9: Doom Blade 2/3
Level 10: Doom Blade 3/3
Level 11: Blood Thirst 1/2
Level 12: Blood Thirst 2/2
Level 13: Heavy Armor 1/5
Level 14: Avenger 1/3
Level 15: Avenger 2/3
Level 16: Avenger 3/3
Level 17: Heavy Armor 2/5
Level 18: Heavy Armor 3/5
Level 19: Heavy Armor 4/5
Level 20: Heavy Armor 5/5

Equipment focused on damage, vitality, defense and strength.

Strategy (this is an almost nobrainer build):
- separate the enemy
- run around until your abilities (mostly the basic stunning hit) recharges
- there's a self-buff what can heal. Rely on that at times.
- kill weak enemy ASAP if separation not possible
- food is your friend, especially if they give vitality-boost
- wear "tank" buff armors

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