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Ok, I go to the University of South Carolina, and I had to conduct some interviews for an essay I am writing on Barack Obama and the not so good relationship with the red states (Republican Majority States.) One thing I found very shocking when interviewing many of my own family members, and others is that the thing that comes up the most in their anger spitting speeches on Obama is race. His race. Literally 85% of the interviews I conducted ended on the note well, "He is Black, so, what does he know about what we need." Other comments as well, that I cannot even post here lol...

My question and feel free to open debate is, Most of the people who do not like or agree with Obama or his policies tend to be White Males and Females between the ages of 37 and 64 in my study. Are these people just racist? and is this mostly the concensus on the Republican or Tea Party side of the argument?

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