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Hello, and welcome to Galactic Domination! In this game, you control a civilisation bent on taking over the galaxy. You can create your own race and just about anything else! Let's see... techs, fleets, space stations, nukes (yay!), death, trade, just about anything else... oh, and there's no sign-up limit. The galaxy is big enough for all the FGF regulars.
Now, let's get started. To start off with, you have a crappy piddling civ with only the techs Nuclear Fusion, Life Support, Autopilot and your choice of Nanotechnology, Genetic Modification or Nuclear Pulse Drive. Fusion, Life Support and Autopilot aren't really relevant, as they are the starting techs. Yes, you start in the near future.
Nuclear Pulse Drive negates the need for Fuel, replacing it with a larger electricity bill for ships. Nanotechnology allows for quicker building. GM allows crude terraforming. Anyway, you start off with a character sheet:
Race Colour: [this determines the colour of your star systems on the map]
Techs: Fusion, Life Support, Autopilot, [insert one of the three options here]
Ship Models: [model name here ([equipment here], [chassis here])]
Fleets: [fleet name here ([x number of x ships here])],
And that's the sheet. Sorry about the massive, confusing wall of text. In my defense, One Word Story's is bigger. Also, here's a starmap:
The cyan circle is the galactic core. The teal letters indicate unclaimed systems. The M- prefix denotes a system housing a megastructure. The rose letters are systems inhabited by non-spacefaring civilisations. The green spots are systems where you can start. The red and magenta letters are NPC civs, while the yellow is me.
Now the rules:
1. No profanity, flaming, racism, etc.
2. No dog piling.
3. No claiming green systems.
4. If you have a problem with the game, tell me. Don't just say "this sucks".
5. Don't expect miracles.
6. If you read this, put "because I can" at the start of your post.
7. One post per turn (they end when I say they end, okay?)
8. Don't gloat. Well, you can gloat a little.
9. Don't get mad at other players for fighting you.
10. Have fun.
As for what you can do, each planet (M-structures too, though these are less stable) will have its own resources, which you can exploit and sell to your heart's desire. NPC races will naturally buy stuff from you, too. They act much like player races except controlled by me (but I will try to give them some real personalities).
Tell me if you think there are plot holes.

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Also, you will probably have to specialise planets. For example, your homeworld will probably be an industrial/residential center, while you might import fuel from one of your moons. Another planet in the system produces loads of metal. Now you need a navy. What do you do? You build the ships on the home planet using metal from the other world and fuel from the moon, of course!

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