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Well iam playing on hard mode as an assassin I dont go thru it well so plz give me some advice
Lvl 8. Assassin
Kabuki Mask(the one w/ madness, paragon quality)
brute's grip(poor quality)
crafted vest(gd quality)
Lederhosen(gd quality)
Frost figurine(gd quality)
Izumi sabations(gd quality)
Ice(ex quality)
DMG 39
STR 66
INT 47
VTL 48
AGL 33
im goin to re-spec my abilities and change it into Lvl3 furious strike(chance to have double strike of the 1st ability), Lvl2 Shadow reflex(restore focus &100% crit chance & 2x AGL) & Lvl2 Stun (no need to xplain ~)
Plan B: Lvl1 Adrenaline(+rush, recovers a bit health every sec) Lvl3 Heal , shadow reflexLvl2 & furious strikeLvl 1.
btw should i buy any equipment in the shops?
thx in advance

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