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This thread is a place to discuss quests for Infectonator 2. Here is a list of the current quests available for this zombie-spawning game...

**NOTE: You must start a new game to get many of these quests.**
Quite Impressive. Noob!
Complete all challenges on 1st level.
Hardness: Easy
Small Step to Glory
Purchase 10 upgrades.
Hardness: Easy
Trap or be Trapped
Use 3 traps.
Hardness: Easy
Just Call'em and Watch'em
Summon 2 Zombies on 1st level.
Hardness: Easy
Desert for Dessert
Unlock the middle-east.
Hardness: Easy
Towns? What Towns?
Destroy 10 towns by completing all objectives.
Hardness: Medium
Claw that Kills
Summon Kruggy.
Hardness: Medium
All Out, I Like Your Style
Use 3 different support and 4 zombies on one level.
Hardness: Medium
Kill 100 police, 100 soldiers, 100 hazmat suit guys, and 2,000 people.
Hardness: Medium
What's Sticky on the Floor?
2 goo on 1 level.
Hardness: Medium
The Lord of Zombie has Risen!
Destroy all the towns
Hardness: Hard
Nothing To Do
Get all in-game achievements.
Hardness: Hard
Power in your Veins
Purchase all game upgrades.
Hardness: Hard

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