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Inspired by; Jetcord, Veksing, and others.

First off this is in draft so please to don't take credit. Looking for constructive criticism before starting. Keep in mind this will be the first RPG I have ever attempted to produce, Thank you.

01/01/00 No one knows who launched the first ICBM, I don't think anyone ever will. I'll never forget the day on my way to work when I heard the sirens. I didn't even know what it was for, there was no tornado, or earthquake. It was just a beautiful summer day, and then I saw it. The mushroom cloud rising high in the air were the power plant was located, and then another and another and another. One landing right in my hometown... But i'm not going to give up. What matters now is how I am going to survive this. (You may or may not know a'lot about surviving a nuclear apocalypse. However the more you know, the better your odds surviving in this RPG) I've been hiding out in a suburb not far from the city that was once called my home, behind a local grocery store. I had to abandon the sedan I drove, for some reason it just wouldn't work after the bombs fell. I need to evaluate my skills before I can move on. (You have 15 stat points that can be put into any of the five stats Strength, Stealth , Intelligence, Charisma, and Accuracy.) I've heard a'lot of racket coming from in the store. But I know I need to get some food and water and anything else I can get my hands on before moving.. Ughhh I don't know! (This is where you are left off, make your action step by step and I will give you you're reaction. Good luck)

Name: (First and last)
Age: (above 15)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Appearance: (Ex. Blue eyes, back hair)
Head: None
Eyes: None
Mouth: Make shift bandana
Neck: None
Chest: Short sleeved T-Shirt (choose color)
Gloves: None
Legs: Jeans
Feet: Sneakers
Hunger: 100%
Thirst: 100%
Health: 100%
Awareness: 100%
Stamina: 100%
Regular Backpack (4):
Pockets (4): Empty
Hands (2): Empty
Weapons: None
Other: None
Day: 1
Reputation: N/A
Town/City: (small town or city)
Estimated population: N/A
Shelter: None
Shelter Security: N/A
Shelter Profile: N/A
Water Supply: N/A
Power Supply: N/A
Vehicle: None
Vehicle Condition: N/A
Gas/Diesel: N/A

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