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This RPG will take place 6 years after the events of Radiant Dawn in Tellius. If you don't know what happened in Radiant Dawn, need to see a map of Tellius, see the stats of a weapon or something of that nature you can just refer to the Fire Emblem Wiki. The big difference between the actual Fire Emblem games and this one is that you are just controlling your character, not multiple ones. I will also be incorporating enemies from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. Now, onto the storyline.

It's been six years since Ike and company defeated the goddess, Ashera. Six years of almost dreamlike peace in all of Tellius. Laguz-Beorc relations have never been greater, there are even settlements where they live together. But then, it all crumbles apart in a single day. A lone, bloody wyvern rider arrives at the Crimean castle telling stories of monsters flowing from the Desert of Death on the other side of Daein and attacking everything in site. When asked about survivors, he hangs his head and says "none". Word is quickly sent to the empire of Begnion

A couple weeks later, all roads leading to Daein have been fortified and heavily guarded. Daein is pronounced a no-mans land and no one is allowed to enter. Strangely no monsters show up, so Begnion and Crimea send in a team of scouts to investigate. Of the ten elite men that got sent in, two return and they bring tales of giants, and monsters. Strangely enough, the monsters seem to stay close to Daein Keep. Most believe that this is it. That they will stay in Daein and leave everybody else alone. They were wrong. Groups of monsters break through the defensive line and start to roam the the land, terrorizing citizens, and no matter how many are killed, they just keep coming. This is where your adventure begins.

Character Sheet
Name: first name only, try to be creative
Age: be realistic
Health: leave blank
Bio: keep it brief
Race: laguz, Beorc, or branded
Class: if laguz put what type of animal. Ex. Lion, raven, dragon
Equipped Weapon: leave blank for now
Inventory (max 8): also leave blank
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Strength: leave blank
Magic: leave blank
Speed: leave blank
Defense: leave blank
Resistance: leave blank

the ones you left blank I will fill in later

Before choosing your race and class, make sure you do your research on them.
Beorc and Branded Classes
Mage: There are three different mages. The Fire Mage, Wind Mage, and Thunder Mage.
Cavalry: There are four different horseback classes: Bow Knight, Lance Knight, Sword Knight, and Axe Knight.
Myrmidon: uses a sword.
Soldier: uses a lance.
Archer: uses a bow
Flying Units: Pegasus Rider and Wyvern Rider. Both use the lances

Laguz Classes
Beast Tribe: Tiger, Cat, Wolf, and Lion
Bird Tribe: Raven and Hawk
Dragon Tribe: Red Dragon, White Dragon
There can only be one lion and two dragons
Max of six players.

Keep in mind, you may meet other players. It is up to the both of you to decide you are friend or foe. If you do die, you will go back a few scenarios and star over. If you are killed by, or kill another player you will not meet that player again. I will begin as soon as you post your character sheet.

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