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It is the year 2280, earth made contact with many different alien species making the desolate space of past into a habitat crawling with different species. But all is not well, many different wars were caused by the xenophobia of the humans, but one of the largest, was started by a small mishap. The Midors, a race of tall, slender, reddish skinned aliens tried to start trade relations with earth, having already sent out a small fleet of trade ships to the various colonies on Mars, The Moon, and of course, Earth, they tried to get trading rights with the Humans, but they vehemently refused every time, so the Midorian hierarchy sent word for all the ships to return to the home world, although a small group of three cargo ships didn't get the message, passing through thick cloud of gasses making their communications arrays unable to send or receive messages.

The ships neared the Mars colony, and attempted to radio in, only receiving silence from the humans. Then their orbital defensive guns opened up, ripping the near defenseless cargo ships to pieces, within the month, the Midorian hierarchy got word of the slaughter and quickly mobilized it's armies, and sending word to their cousin race, the Labha, a human sized race of brutish, grey skinned, fiends, comparable to the Human demons, with small set of horns, usually hidden by their hair, and lizard like eyes, broad shoulders and aggressive demeanor. Vassals to the Midors they fight as heavy infantry and shock troops, though can only use the simpler vehicles of the Midorian armored corps, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

After a decade of war, the humans, so desperate for new troopers, have opened up recruitment for the Qul, a slave race to the humans, slightly shorter than humans, they have pale white skin, and have to wear gasmasks to filter out certain gasses found in earth air, as even the small amounts in the air, can be very toxic to them. By now the humans have gone on the offensive, and taken two large colonies of the Midors, and are preparing to go on the defensive, building large defensive structures, and sending a constant stream troops.

Fandor-Midor Unified Nation
Midor: Their space tech is by far the best in terms of weapons, all their ships are bristling with guns, and their ship armor isn't bad either. But boarding is almost nonexistent, But htey have good radar on the ships, but the amount of weapons don't allow much speed and agility, though it is fair. Live to 250

Barely have any armor on the ships, like they were held together by super glue and duct tape and the weapons are fair, but almost undefeated in boarding with their awe inspiring melee weapons their "radar" consists of multiple view ports but the ships are very agile, though not quick. Live to 150.

Human Faction
Human: Great ships, with strong armor and fair weapons and below average at boarding Good radar, but lacking in both speed and agility.

Qul: Super advanced armor on the ships building off of human tech with fair weapons and no boarders Similar to Humans, but have the same "radar" as the Labha and moderately speedy ships, almost no agility.
Live to 40.

Malkien: Mercenaries, fight for any side that pays, they are foot taller than the average human, pale purple-blue complexion, with long prehensile tails with cat-like eyes. All around average. Live to 120.

Side: Human faction or Fandor-Labha unified nation
Physical Desc.: at least 3
Trait: from above
Bio: At least 5 sentences, optional
Perk: from above
Ship Name:
Ship: i put
Weapons: i put
Armor: i put
Boarders: You
Misc.: I put (mostly will be boarder equipment)
Ship Health: 100/100
Ship Armor: I put
Condition: I put

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