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*Hello and welcome to Simplistic Designs!*

Snowman1474 and myself founded the original 'S&A Designs' awhile back, but now that new members have decided to join our cause, we both have decided to make the new art organization: Simplistic Design! Though the name may be simple, i can more than assure that our artwork is not!

*The Simplistic Design Graphics Team*

We are all members with a background knowledge with using Adobe PhotoShop CS2, and CS3 to manipulate, and generate breath taking Graphics. We have dedicated this thread to make free, unique pieces of artwork, for the whole staff and community of Armor Games. If you have any questions or comments, please visit one of our 4 designer's profile pages, and leave us a comment. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Spam posts in this thread are highly rude! Please respect our designers and artwork. Leaving rude, or pointless comments in this thread will result in serious consequences.

This thread is under close watch by:
And moderately watched by our newest members:

*Below you will find the forms for requesting a graphic, and further rules!

1. In order to request a signature or profile picture, we ask that you have 25 community posts. This can be achieved by making 25 non spam posts in the Armor Games community forum. Please thoroughly read through the armor games forum rules and regulations for further information: *RULES*

2. After you have received your first signature or profile picture, you must wait a standard week to request another graphic. (This means that you can only request 1 graphic per week!) You must also obtain another 25 community forum posts by the time you request another graphic. Spamming and/or flaming to obtain the required amount of posts is prohibited! We reserve the right to refuse to make art for anyone!

3. Requesting that the Simplistic Designs logo be taken off is strictly forbidden. The logo is necessary to ensure the safety, and security of our artwork's integrity. Plagiarizing any pieces of art will result in severe punishment. If needed, moderation will be brought into play.

*NOTE* That higher ranked members and moderators come first in the query for artwork, Please be patient and bear with us as we try to fulfill everyones artistic requests.

When you request a signature or Profile picture, please use the following format or the request will be disregarded until further notice.

Link To Stock Or Render: ([url][/url])
Main Text:
Sub Text (If desired):
Colors (If Desired):
Font type (Goth, script, army, etc...):
Theme (Angelic, Demonic, Earth, etc...):
Account link/Contact info:

*Also keep in mind, these specifications*
Max Signature Size: 400x150px
Max Profile picture: 350x350px
Max amount Of Renders/Pictures Allowed per graphic: 2

Any violation of these rules will result in an infraction! Once a user has obtained 3 infractions, we will refuse to take any further requests from that user. If we find out that any of our art was stolen/edited/or claimed as another's, they will be severely punished... Moderation will be brought into play at that point and time.

A tutorial for Armor Games members that don't know how to obtain a render.

1) Go to [url][/url] and search for: C4D, C4D renders, or a rendered character of your choice. Do not worry about how big the render or image is.

2) Or go to [url][/url] and search for a render under their listed categories... Don't bother to make an account. Snowman1474, and I both have fully registered premade accounts, and are able to view full sized renders.

3) Also keep in mind. When finding a render, remember that the bigger the render, the better the quality will be when it is shrunk down.

Best regards,

The Simplistic Designs team.

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