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Inspired by; Jetcord, Veksing, and others.

This is an all new type of Survival RPG, In here you make your own decisions!? Based off of the decisions you make, I will make the outcome of said decision. You describe the world around you (or i will if you like)
Describe the smells, what you see, hear, what you touch and or taste.
Make your scenario vivid that others actually enjoy reading how YOU survive.Once you have put your 15 stat points into your charator card,
you only have to post it once along with what your move is to the start of the story.
Start of your story:
The skies are black and grey, dust and ash cover everything in this area.
The year is 2013, only a few months after the bombs fell (Nuclear).
Your hiking on the highway, only a few miles from the nearest town when you sense something is out of place. Up ahead there is an over pass that you must go under. It seems as if vehicles have been pushed out of the way to form a choke point. You use your binoculars and see the smoke from a recently lit camp fire. Your survival experience begins here. Good luck.

You have 15 stat points to put in any of the 6 attributes. One cannot go over 10.
Strength: How much you can carry, damage done by melee weapons and hand to hand.
Perception: How aware you are to your surroundings, notice things out of place.
Intelligence: Knowledge of First aid, Repair/Ingenuity/craft
Endurance: Stamina
Charisma: How your word impacts another depending on tone, situation, and wording.
Agility: Escape and Evade maneuvers, and Stealth.

Watch out! For radiation or rads. These can be acquired by touching or breathing in radioactive materials, once you reach a hundred and over, nothing good comes out of having radiation sickness. Reach 300 or more rads and your dead. These will slowly diminish as time goes by.

Name: (First and last) or nick name
Age: (above 15)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Appearance: (Ex. Blue eyes, back hair)
Head: None
Eyes: None
Mouth: Make shift bandana
Neck: None
Chest: Short sleeved T-Shirt (choose color)
Gloves: None
Legs: Jeans
Feet: Sneakers
Hunger: 75%
Thirst: 80%
Health: 100%
Stamina: 90%
Hygiene: 75%
Rads: 25
Awareness: 100%
Regular Backpack (6): 2x bottled water, 2x can food
Pockets (4): Binocular
Hands (2): Glock 19 (13/15)
Weapons: Ka-Bar BK7, Glock 19 9mm (13/15)
Other: None
Strength: /10
Perception: /10
Intelligence: /10
Endurance: /10
Charisma: /10
Agility: /10
Reputation: N/A
Day: 1
Town/City: (small town or city)
Estimated population: N/A
Shelter: None
Shelter Security: N/A
Shelter Profile: N/A
Water Supply: N/A
Power Supply: N/A
Vehicle: None
Vehicle Condition: N/A
Gas/Diesel: N/A

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Nick MacRidge
Hunger: 70%
Thirst: 65%
Health: 75%
Stamina: 70%
Hygiene: 60%
Rads: 40
Awareness: 70%
Regular Backpack (6): 3x bottled water, 2x can food,
Pockets (4): Binocular, FAK, Map,
Hands (2): Glock 19 (7/15)
Weapons: Ka-Bar BK7, Glock 19 9mm (7/15), Crowbar
Other: None
-5 rounds from Glock, *TIP* I will not automatically use your supplies to benefit you. It is up to you when you decide to use them. This is another example of you creating the scene. Ex:* I sat down exhausted and downed half a bottle of water, the rest I used to wipe my face off.* Then I would add percents to your Stamina for sitting down, your thirst for drinking, and hygiene for wiping down a bit. However your awareness would drop while you did these things.

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"No sé qué tu hablando! No sé qué tu hablando!" You can clearly tell they are Puerto-Rican decent. When the one you do not have the gun to, pulls out a revolver while holding his gut as the blood leaks out through his wife beater onto the ground beside him. But before he could get a shot off you double tap him in the chest with your Glock 19. However unsuspectingly the man you had the gun to is not the one who was shot in the knee or thigh and kicks your feet out from under you.

*Crack* The sound of your body smacking the pavement with your Glock being tossed aside as you fell. The man despite his gut wound engages his Switch Blade and crawls on top of you. You grab the mans wrists as he uses all his weight attempting to push it into your eye socket.

Note: You are both the same strength lvl, there is no way for you to push him off of you. Your Glock is within reach, but that means taking one of your hands off of his in an attempt to grab it. Same goes for the Ka-Bar BK7 on your side. However it is much closer. Your choice.

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*BUMP* If anyone would like to join there are plenty of spaces left. If you are not interested in joining please feel free to leave suggestions.

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