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OK so I wanted to pitch an idea for something.It is about a universe set in the near future say 2062 and the world is in general chaos do to pollution, flooding, civil unrest, and ecenomic collapse.After a third world war the hell finds comes to an end and most of the planet is reclaimed by government super powers but some areas were so damaged and dangerous government superpowers left people to their own devices.Ares not under the control of any government are anarchistic areas borderd by high fences and are deemed red zones.In red zones life is hell and you must fight and struggle daily.Red zones are controlled primarly by drug lords and warlords.
Many of the red zones included are Detroit Michigan, New york city New York, Columbia, Several parts of Africa, and a collection of pacific islands called The Chain Gang Islands.My thoughts were to make some storys about people coping with life in the red zones.If you like the idea please give me feedback and suggestions.

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