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Inspired by; Jetcord, Veksing, sourwhatup2, and many others.

This is the second installment of KeonKing1995's "Nuclear War Survival Role-Playing/Game" However this version is much more user friendly and less complicated than the first. The character sheet has been sized down and rules on how things work are posted below for reference throughout your survival experience.

But to make your survival experience run more smoothly; keep up with your Character Sheet or (CS) in a note pad or on your computer in a word document. I will be keeping up and adjusting your; stats, meters, items and clothing. So there's no need for you or me to keep re-posting long CS every single post. And regardless as to what you have it is the sheet I have that really matters. Just more convenient for you if you keep up with it as well. You will be updated periodically with your Character Sheet so its best to keep it on your computer so you don't have to erase a lot.

Your knowledge of survival is what will keep you alive in this game,
knowing how to purify and filter water, How to protect yourself from radiation,
When to shoot and when to run or hide. The list goes on, I will not automatically use your supplies when I think you need them, Thats up to you. For Example: your stamina is low, your dehydrated and your hygiene is terrible. I will not do anything about it unless you do. So to fix this situation you could say " I sat down after running from the bandits, exhausted and thirsty. So I grab a bottle of water from my bag and drink most of it and use the rest to wipe down my face." In this scenario you just came up with, I have increased the amount of stamina you have for sitting down and resting, thirst for drinking the water, and hygiene for wiping down a little. So.. can YOU be the ultimate survivor? Or how about the ultimate survival [/b]GROUP? Yes sooner or later good players can be matched together in the same scenario despite your Story choice. (Which can change later)

Note: I will be on most mornings and afternoons, and some during the day on weekends. Also feel free to give
advice and [i]instructive criticism, even IF you don't want to join. Its all about learning and will help out if or when a [b]v3.0 comes into the works!
Spots are open for a total of five people. But may be open to more in the future.
Watch out! For radiation or rads. These can be acquired by touching or breathing in radioactive materials, once you reach a hundred and over, You will acquire symptoms of Radiation Sickness.
Reach 300 or more rads and your dead. These will slowly diminish as time goes by.

You have 25 stat points to put in any of the 6 attributes. One cannot go over 10 on a single stat.
[/b]Strength: How much you can carry, damage done by melee weapons and hand to hand.
How aware you are to your surroundings, notice things out of place.
[/b]Intelligence: Knowledge of First aid, Repair/Ingenuity/craft
Endurance: Stamina
How your word impacts another depending on tone, situation, and wording.
[/b]Agility:[b] Escape and Evade maneuvers, and Stealth.

You may choose from these weapons:

One melee choice/ Spiked Baseball bat, Hardened Crowbar, Meat Cleaver
One firearm choice/
Savage 17HMR Bolt action, Mossberg 500 Shotgun, Berreta 92f Handgun,
5/5 + 2extra 8/8 + 2 extra 13/15

You may choose from these supplies:
Choice A/ 4x Bottled Water, 3x Canned Food, Binocular, Mag-light, Maps,

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