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Greetings, future recruits!

I just needed a place to proudly announce that I succesfully created an alliance, together with 10 other people who I'm infinitely grateful to. The alliance's name is "The New Federation", and as the name suggests, we are a progressive movement that's open for military support of both veterans and noobs. Because we are an alliance, a union, a legion, and what we stand for is to conquer space, from level 1 to whatever the level cap is in this game.

So, if you're into the game and need some help, or are willing to help the others, feel free to join! I'll do my best to keep some life in the alliance, and both I and the officers will be summoning raids from normal to nightmare, and from small to collossal for all levels.
Thank you very much, people of Armor Games, now you know what to do! The new federation needs you, for progression!

PS: I know I'm kind of advertsing my alliance here, but please don't spam it or anything in that genre, because I just want to make my alliance a big boy like every other leader would.

~Brandon :3

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