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Hi everyone. I just want to start by saying that I haven't been on in a while, and its because of lack of inspiration. I've abandoned my previous games, and they could have been great, but with this game, i'll make sure it'll last long and be finished only after every who wants to play, plays.

To keep this from burning me out, the maximum amount of players is two. If a player dies, then whoever posts a character sheet ready to go will play next. Its on a first come, first serve basis, no 'waiting lists'. If you would like to join, and you like the stories that other players are given and are interested in playing, then you can bookmark this page or anything similar like the forum games page to arrive here quicker than usual. Also, I will post probably one to two times a day only. I (usually) don't have a lot of time, and when I do, I try to add a lot of detail for you so that you know exactly what is going on, and to give you more insight on your current situation, especially if it is a grim one. If you are going to play, please be patient. Quality is much more preferred than quantity in my opinion. Other than that...

PLEASE READ EVERYTHING! If you do not, you won't last very long at all. All of the information below should be easy to understand, and a lot of it is important for staying alive in the game. If you feel like its too much to read, then you're not gonna be happy with the amount I type for you each time you perform an action. xD

If you've come across my games before,then you know that I like them to be pretty realistic. What I've done in my last RPG is I've given you a very small character sheet, only showing you what items you have, how the weather is acting (if its cold, details will be shown in the update for your post/if its about to storm, your character will notice heavier clouds most likely, etc), and what you currently know about the shelter. I had a much, much larger sheet on a document, giving me all the information that I need to know to make your story stay fresh and hopefully exciting. This includes your body temperature, the status of your needs (hunger, hydration, rest), your infection rate (you will only be able to tell by details such as your character coughing, etc.), your companions, what items they carry on their person and loot-sacks (if one is owned/ you'd have to ask them what items they have or either record it so you could know what they are carrying in order to remember easier), the type of shelter you have, how much power it contains, how much water and food supplies it contains, how fortified it is against certain types of dangers (zombies, bandits, natural disasters), and what condition the shelter is in. Basically, the only way you could know what is on my sheet is if your character either has the correct gear, or if he/she asks or can perceive the surroundings very well.

Also, the more you play the game, the better your character gets at something. That's another thing that only I can see; your skills. The way you can tell if your skills are getting better are by the details that I provide in the post after your action, and I'm not going to give an example, but the details may be subtle, so paying close attention is key to healthy survival. Just for a little hint, skills include some pretty basic things including First Aid, Fitness, Precision, Unarmed Combat, a Lock-picking skill, Scouting, etc. These skills can go all the way up to 100 points. Once any skill reaches 100, you will earn amazing prizes (in the game, not real life!) that will boost your survival rate, and hopefully your enthusiasm for the game, if you survive that long. Another thing about the skills is that food could affect some of the skills. Strength, for instance, could be increased quicker by eating foods with higher protein. If you eat too much, and don't do anything for a while, maybe for a whole day or a few days, then you'll use strength and gain fat, which will make you easily fatigued and more susceptible to death, typically from zombies.

On to your character sheet.

Basic Information
Name: Nicholas Cage
Age: 90
Body Temperature: Cold (On mine, it gives the exact temperature, like 37C or something. You need a thermometer to determine your exact temperature. Without one, you're character is guessing)
Infection: None (If you cough and symptoms of any infections, then your character will pick up on it and try to guess at what it is. If you discover the Medicine skill and upgrade that by doing common medical things, then you could easily diagnose your infection with accuracy. Reading books also help)
Headgear: White Ball Cap
Torso: White T-Shirt
Legs: Blue Jeans
Feet: White Tennis Shoes
Hands: Sports Gloves (Provides extra grip and less damage to hands)
Wrist: Watch (6:39 P.M.)
Weather Status
Temperature: 68F (Must have a device that can detect the tempurature; if one isn't owned, your character will guess that its 'temperate' based off of how it feels on his/her skin)
Sky: Overcast; Windy (This will be set as 'Unknown' if you are shut inside for a long period of time without any contact with the outdoors/however, if it is in fact windy, then you could be able to tell depending on how strong, and how easy it is to hear anything outside of your shelter, which will be given to you in the description of your updated post by me)
Backpack: (If you do not own a backpack, then this will be called 'Inapplicable'. Why did I use a complicated word? I don't know.)
Blue Jeans: (Shows what you contain inside of your pockets)
Shoes: (Yes, you can fit items into your shoes, if your desperate enough)
Shelter's Known Status
Shelter: Warehouse
Condition: Poor (I will have a percentage of its health on my sheet so I can be precise. If you had a skill that dealt with architecture, yours could also be precise. Do a lot of building projects to upgrade that skill)
Fortifications: Main Double Doors are well barricaded (If you leave the shelter and the barricade gets destroyed, this won't change until your character discovers it him/herself)

Please keep in mind, the character sheet will possibly change in some ways to make the game a little better for you.

If you HAVE played my games before, then you know that I like to make stories for you to choose, but the stories have different types of challenges for different types of scenarios. I'll make it a little simpler than I used to, and categorize them in a different way this time.

To choose the story that you want, type the number and the letter along with the dash that is in the middle in order to specify which one you wanted. For example, I want the first story about surviving on the island alone. I would type "1-A". After you choose a story, I'll fix what you have in your inventory and then get started.

Main Challenges: Sanity, Hunger, Hydration, and Rest
For these stories under this paragraph, Sanity will be the hardest to keep. Hunger, Hydration, and Rest, not too much of a problem for these scenarios. Sanity plays a giant role in any zombie apocalypse game (or SHOULD), and here are a few tips to help you get a little more comfortable with controlling it in the game. Sanity is based off of how much social interaction you have with other survivors, how well you get along with other survivors, how many gruesome things that you witness (especially to people you care about and forge strong bonds with), and how well your doing in terms of supplies. It, just as the other needs, range from 0-100%. In short, Sanity determines how much control you have over your character. The less Sanity your character has, the less control you have. This means they could do actions that you didn't want them to do. It's hard to raise Sanity back without a group of optimistic survivors around, or something very very good happening to you, so make sure you don't lose any.

(1-A) You have been surviving inside of a lighthouse along the coast of an island for three months now. No zombies inhabit the island, but you're slowly losing your sanity. You're trapped here, but you've come up with a way to escape. While resting in the lighthouse, you've noticed a large landmass, which is barely visible. It may be another island, but your gut leads you to believe its much more than a pathetic little island like the one your on now. You've researched on how to build a boat to make your way over to the other landmass in hopes of finding civilization. You do have the knowledge that zombies exist, and in turn, you've fled to this island two weeks after it happened. Your wife, Maria, and your niece that was visiting, had both been killed. You still haven't forgotten them, but the memories of happiness have long escaped you. You haven't laughed in months. The situation is definitely taking its toll. For this story, your sanity would normally start at 50% or somewhere around there, but since that's not exactly fair, it will start at 100%. Try your best to keep it there. Use any tactic possible to calm yourself and regain some sanity. If you've got a tactic that is somewhat unorthodox, then you can explain why it would calm you down and help you stay sane so I can understand it a little better.

(1-B) After eliminating (nearly) all threats on board the Flabberjack, a classy cruise ship, you've retired to scavenging supplies for you to survive on it until you reach any type of land. The ship is enormous. It could hold up to a thousand guests, but now its only occupation are corpses. So far, you seem to be the only survivor left. Every corpse you have killed, you've tried to gather any items that could be valuable, but only garbage was found. Nothing you'd ever want. As of how you got onto the cruise ship in the first place? Not important. The 'zombie infestation' happened just about five days ago, and many, many people were not prepared. There are other decks to the cruise ship, but you haven't gotten a chance to explore that yet. The first few days consisted of heavy partying, before the attack occurred. The last two days? Zombie slaying. Nothing remains now. Its not known if there are more zombies on the ship, but chances are that there still are. Possibly survivors too, but you've seen enough to know that it takes a real awesome person, such as yourself, to contain your self in situations like those. Being eaten? Not your fortè. You've pretty much kept to your room when you haven't been looting useless corpses for trashy items since its happened. Most of the zombies ended up walking straight off of the cruise ship anyways, the other zombies pretty much stumbled everywhere, even because of the smallest waves. You'd think that would give many people some advantage, but it didn't seem to work out that way. So far, you've managed to stockpile very small amounts of cuisine that was left on what tables remained up-right. Wine included. None of the refrigerators and storage rooms have been searched yet. Other than that, all that remains is to find land. The cruise ship is equipped with a few life boats, so leaving the ship could be an option. It'd be quicker to reach land, but the cruise ships undiscovered items have kept you from leaving just yet. For this story, you will start off with your room as the shelter, and with food items inside already as well. The door is not barricaded. Nothing is.

(1-C) Since the zombies sprang up out of no where and attacked the Earth, your humble little town of Sydney has changed from a Democracy to Communism. The small town of Sydney was quarantined and locked down immediately, along with Hamburg, which wasn't as lucky as Sydney. Hamburg was the first in the area to go down in flames. Literally. The military attempted to burn every trace of the zombie infestation, but managed to destroy everything else instead. The zombies caught fire, but never ceased. Their attacks were brutal, especially with flames dancing around them. It wasn't long before they attempted to evacuate, which also didn't succeed. And whoever did leave, never came back. Since the incident which is now a month from today, Sydney has been walled up and fortified to keep out anything and everything - unless the main gates were open. That is the only way in, or out. Now, a man named Saul controls absolutely everything. Who collects what, who hunts, who farms, who guards, etc. He doesn't seem like a bad man at all. In fact, hes doing a better job than most people didn't expect from a man like him. Before this all happened, he was homeless, and believed to be uneducated. It seems as if this 'apocalypse' opened his eyes, and brought out the leader in him. Sydney, as of right now, is home to 43 survivors. It is about 140 meters wide, and is shaped as a rectangle because of the wall. A forest lies just to the west of the wall, and to the East, the destroyed city of Hamburg. The scavengers visit Hamburg to collect what remains; food, water, maybe some luxuries from time to time to reward hard workers with. Your goal in this society is to survive, and work to keep the society alive and fresh. Nothing will be the same in a few days, however. (The age you choose for your character greatly affects this story)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just want to warn you before playing this. Since I add juicy details, there will be awesome events, but some will also be nasty or gruesome. Also, this game is NOT going to be easy. There is no label for Health. Its extremely easy to die, so be very cautious if you want to survive for a long time and beat the other players in how long you could survive. I might actually make a leaderboard and see who can survive the most amount of days. Yes, there will be different events for different stories, so I will separate the leaderboards into three categories for the three separate stories. And, since I'm creating everything in the game with just my imagination, then I will try my best to make it as fair as possible. Thank you, and good luck!

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