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I do want to make a goat game but I been putting it off for long-long time and I been hanging on one day someone else will make it before me however that is not the case. I do have art skills my brother does have programmer permission skills but do I really need that? What if I write the story of game and what will happen will he follow it or we he screw me indefinitely which is high chance what do I do? 3d is sound but I prefer to linger to 2d because he wants to make goat 3d which is like what? its boring to see goats in that format I seen goats in that form and they are boring. Wonderful Life is example they have goats and if you didn't feed them or forget to feed them chances are they died and I kind want to make so in game you could trade between goat and man if story got boring something which mr. programer refuses to understand. I like cartoony graphics when there stupid *** movie because a I want to be able to skip past the movie as long as player wishes to move on. However this what makes the interesting conversations we both had expire as fast as it did.

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