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I had a little argument with my friend, and he said that living like a ruler's son would be cool, you don't have go to school, you have the most money and body guards are always with you.Aldo, I didn't agree with that, it seems more logical because most of the people on this planet work hard to earn money for their family, not like Royalties, they always have someone else working for them, they don't give a **** about other people.Let's take for example, Chinese.There were a super force before, now their country is overcrowded with middle class people.Royalties are always thin and lazy, which is really weird, but regular people that are lazy are rarely thin.Royalties still have everyone controling the situation, they don't let them get hurt or get pranked at.So which one would you like to have, your current middle class life or live like a royalty?

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