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All right folks I've got a new quick one for you guys. Object racing {Grand Prix}!!! For those of us into competitive forum games....

It's time to race your favorite nouns! Post an object when a race is underway (which is basically always) and it will appear in the next race if there's enough space. (OP will manage this)

When 21 contestants are on the list the race begins, lasting 10 pages from where the race started. Players may change the current position of 2 objects with two other objects every post, bold your changes. You may never double post.

After 10 pages are up the race ends. Whoever's in first place get a gold trophy (other trophy's are then also distributes) and the next race begins. Objects that came in
1st place start in 1st at the beginning of the next race
2nd place start in 4th at the beginning of the next race
3rd place start in 7th and the beginning of the next race

Any object that came in 4th or worse are eliminated and can never be used again. So AG who's going to win the race?

To start us off post in this thread a random object of your choice and add it on to the list posted by the previous user. See post #2 for the first entry.

Note: Object can be anything, basically any noun. You could chose a sports car, a kind of tree, heck even a flying duck for all it matters. Enjoy!

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