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In 2020, the top game producers all around the world ran out of ideas for new games. Then they all decided to join together, and after years and years of new released games like Call of Mario and Legend of Creed. They still ran out of ideas.

Then in 2040 they ran out of ideas again. Then they wondered, why don't they make real life game characters? And have them fight in virtual arenas on they're own designs. After a year later, they figured out how to make game characters, and their worlds real.

They started the first ever Video Games arena, everything was blood and money. It was rich, the crowds loved it. Of course the characters are dead, but can be respawned by virtual technology. Every year only few characters are chosen, only one will win.

And that my students *closes book* is how the The Video Games, were created.

Welcome to the Video Games!

This game is a tournament survival with an RPG effect with it. This idea I've only thought of a few days ago, after seeing many game releases. After thinking of how cool it would be in a video game, I then began to think of how even more cooler it would be to fight other VG characters. So yeah that's how it was made.


You can literally choose your own character, change its name, whatever, but to make it fair. Each character will have no powers, weapons, special abilities, etc. But you will earn them in the arena.

Sometimes I will not know who your character(only because I play Nintendo) so I may not know who your character is, so if you can please provide a link or a picture, either will be fine.

What I mean by any character I mean literally any, Flash game, consol, PC, portable, etc.

I will choose the map the first time. The winner will vote for the map any time.

There will be a max of 8 players.

Character sheet:

Game Character: (choose)
Hunger: 50/50
Thirst: 50/50
HP: 100/100
Items: Mario mushroom(5 hunger), water filled bottle(5 thirst)

If you have any questions, any at all ask me.

Now start your controllers/key pads/touch screens.

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