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I'm planning to run a Pathfinder game through the internet, mostly a virtual tabletop, DA and here.

Mostly sticking to the users on this forum, the idea is for anyone interested in writing, and the game itself will be a medium to reference the story each person will be conceiving. Think of it like a collaborative story that you are one character in a fantasy novel. I myself will be grining out the details of general settings and plot lines as the DM (Dungeon Master) I will try not to be too limiting.

the Introductory plot will be

You are in a coastal trading port town called Agornauth, a dark wood lay to the north and to the east a great sea. the southern and western regions stretch onto open plains. The town its self is a mishmash of old and new, poor and rich, farms and fishers, stone and wood.

For about three days a great dark cloud has formed over the wood to the north, on the fourth it slowly descends upon the town, many people don't notice but by night fall the whole sky is engulfed, by nightfall a massive undead horde falls upon the town....

That is where it begins, if anyones interested leave a comment on my profile or here. so far Nilo and Thoad have volunteered to be meat-shields we need a sorcerer and more likely a cleric

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I assure you, our intentions are by far the best. After all, we're meat-shields... Anyways, I'll send you my character through AIM/DA soon.

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