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whats with the 2 new games on the mmo page? egg breaker adventures is less of a game than bush whacker 2 and the only redeeming aspect i saw of that was that it had a chat room (is that all bush whacker was made for, to host a chat room with mild entertainment on the side?).

egg breaker adventures isn't even a real game, let alone a mmo or if it is then the devs should go to a different genre imo.

and now we have highgrounds... pay-to-win much? not much for me to say on this one.

this reminds me of the stuff i find whenever i go digging through various gaming websites looking for new or interesting mmorpg's to try and start finding all manner of lesser games >.> i like the selection here at armorgames but sometimes you find some duds that are just a waste of everyones time really.

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