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This thread is a place to discuss quests for Hands of War 3. Here is a list of the current quests available for this top-view roleplaying game...
Riddle Me This?
Solve a riddle.
Hardness: Easy
Out of Infancy
Reach Level 3.
Hardness: Easy
For Blade, Arrow, or Wand!
Complete your first class quest.
Hardness: Easy
Cozy Up
Become friendly with any 1 faction.
Hardness: Medium
Big Bling
Buy a rare (purple) item from any vendor.
Hardness: Medium
No Longer Forever Alone
Recruit your first companion.
Hardness: Medium
Welcome to the Jungle
Defeat Hinderfiend, guardian of the Jungle.
Hardness: Medium
Into the Void
Kill the Voidbringer and save the world.
Hardness: Hard
Quest Overachiever
Complete all quests for 1 faction in each of the 3 types.
Hardness: Hard
Heart, Mind, and Soul
Acquire all 3 Stones.
Hardness: Hard

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