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I was wondering - there's starting to be quite plenty of games with online saves, more and more mmo games and plenty of them..get abandonned or forgotten after a while, whilst the data lingers on somewhere - correct me if I'm wrong - on the AG servers.
That lot of data probably doesn't help the servers smooth operation and even for the odd player there's may just be a mess. I mean - how can we know in the long term what games have we made progress on and might return to? Or perhaps we'd prefer to definitely break all ties with an mmo game we bounced off of after trying it out?

So here comes the question/idea - would it be doable to have some kind of panel to manage our online AG data? Like view/delete/copy-to-local old global saves, view/remove subscription of our accounts to MMO games and so on?
Local flash storage tends to clean itself up (sometimes cleaning what we wouldn't want it to), but I for one thing would like to make some spring cleaning of my online saves as well.

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Let's start by saying that I don't know the specifics and whether this is even possible, but my initial thought tells me they won't facilitate this. Simply because it would open the door for potential hacking and abuse of highscores in general. =/

Next to that I believe it would involve a great deal of programming to get such a feature up and running properly without glitches and bugs.

Besides, you can already manage your online saves within each game right now?! There's always an option to delete a file and because it is online, you don't need to move it anywhere through copy/pasting the files... you can access them from any computer now. All you need to do is login to ArmorGames! =)

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