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Hey guys a few months a go i came across this game called My Racing career its a browser based Racing Manager game.
Its about working your way up from Formula 3 series to the Big series like Indy Series, Nascar or Formula 1.
There are more then 100 tracks to race on, and 30 drivers attending each race (40+ in Nascar series).
U can practise (6 stints test) do a Quali and race in 3 single races at a time, and join other random or Official Serie.
Everytime u do some laps in the testing your driver wil give u feedback what to change, the more laps u do the more data.
When u finish a race u can watch the data back from every single lap, so u can see who he overtook or were he lost time etc.
Its a real fun game if u love managing race games,i like the setup tweaking part and figuring out the right pitstop strategy.
The latest developing things are:

-Nascar (next season)
-Formula 1
-Facebook App
-new tracks
-and much more


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race in 3 single races at a time

it's no racing game if i can't race.

it's just 1 of those manager games -.-'
i have to manage enough in real life. so no thx. i rather drive myself.

btw, isn't formula 3 higher then nascar?
i mean nascar is just taking a turn 1 way and constantly full power.
formula 3 you go left and right. and there is a 2nd paddle for breaking. =o
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