This is the Only Level 4 Quests

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Don't know. Finished it in my third real speed run try (the other were training sessions) in 7:04 minutes and 10 deaths. So I was looking for a written guide how to do it so you don't need to memorize the order of levels and the different patterns. So I'm sharing mine with you. it helped me a lot having both windows open parallel, side by side:

1: Tutorial
2: Don't use switches
3: Leave left switch
4: Go through every door one time
5: R = right, L = left, D = Down, U = Up
6: Slot Machine (5 tries)
7: Frankenstein - Die one time and resurrect with a mouse click on the corpse
8: Switch to low quality
9: Laser level - Hit all switches (suggestion: red first)
10: Click "open"
11: use door below and jump down
12: Yellow Submarine (green 5 times, red 5 times)
13: Shoot down 5 muffins
14: Eat fishes by size, starting with the smallest
15: clean teeth in title screen
16: Batman - Red, door right, green, blue
17: zero-g - green, red, blue
18: traffic light - only move if the light is showing green
19: Pull to sides
20: Goldlabyrinth - Red, door right, green, door left, door top left, blue
21: Indianer Jones - Red, Green, Blue
22: Ritual - Die 5 times in the pit
23: Snake - Eat 5 muffins
24: Stomp
25: Race
26: Super Mario
27: Western - Blue -> Panic, Red -> Panic, Green - Panic
28: !!! - Blue, door left, green, red, door down mid and back, door top right and back
29: 2nd right cloud, cloud right, strawberry
30: green, door left, blue
31: Take the red pill.
32: Smile


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What if you take the blue pill? I can't complete level 28 to continue!

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