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around the beginning of january, I was assigned to a creative writing class in my highschool. so far, the class has proven to be one of the most fun I've ever had before, and I think some of my pieces are good enough to go onto this section. what I will do is give you the context of the assignment, and then post the piece itself. feedback isn't necessary, but you're more than welcome to post some.

this is my first assignment for this class, and the object of the piece was to describe what I did over a four day weekend. the kicker to this, however, is that I cannot use the letter "E". here's my attempt:

On a four day duration, I didn't do much. I saw two films, I did naps, cook food, and not much ancillary stuff was also in my participation. I did scrub my living spot, and got paid for it. I did work a bit at my Tom Thumb, and I also did stuff my mouth with italian food. I saw sam mattingly at film building, but not for all that long. At film land, I saw Hobbit, and Django. That was about all I did during that duration.

to clarify, sam mattingly is a friend of mine, Tom Thumb is a grocery store chain in Texas, and it wasn't meant to be coherent.

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