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First of all,this is my first walkthrough,so bear with me

Class : Engineer (best class ever)
Level : 15 (Kicked Globex boss with this level)
Ability: Repair Bots(very very useful,Passive) Combat Drone(the last one is useful,but im level 15,Killstreak)
Weapons:Refined F2000,Refined FMG9
Attachments: Ext.Mag
Armor : Broken Military Jacket(You may get better....)

Walkthrough : **** this boss,too easy! stay close to the walls,the laser will activate instead of the missile! if he goes to you run to the other side
use blind shooting,he is often in the lower grounds(Laser ground)
when he spawn 2 other clones....this is where the fun begins,okay stop that,
don't stay on the grounds(they ARE 3 man,not 1) keep blind shooting them
blind shooting is very useful on this part,since they are 3.
keep doing that and you will win!

Medal and Quest are earned!
Good Luck with this,if it doesn't work,i'll try to find solutions

P.S : I may expand the walkthrough with Jyn,Tower,and Dex

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