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As many most of the players of my previous games know, I usually have trouble being active in my games. In an attempt to change that, I've decided to make some changes. The two biggest changes are this: I've taken out some of the useless sections in the character sheet, and my games will now take place in a different world than before. They will now be in the world of Valcrest.


Story: Valcrest has usually been fairly peaceful. Though everyone has kept their military strong, the last recorded war was over 200 years ago. But now, things are about to change. Something sinister is coming to Valcrest, when civilization least expects it. The only people capable of preventing a massive war between the nations are a handful of people. You are one of them. The choice is yours: Defeat the evil menace before it can completely take over Valcrest, or join it in it's pursuit for world domination?


Character Sheet: Fill out only the empty spaces

Inventory: Empty
Gold: 0
Spells/Abilities: None
Reputation: 0


Let's begin.

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